Aim Carrom Pool Apk Version 2.6.6 One Click Download

Aim Carrom Pool Apk Version 2.6.6 One Click Download

You may discover the greatest carrom strategies by downloading the goal aim carrom pool Apk version. Whether you are playing the computer or online pals, you will be able to win Carrom games effectively. The carrom aim Apk has a number of features and modes, which we will go over later in the text.


In the shooting game Aim Carrom Apk, you must hit all of your coins in front of your opponent in order to eliminate them or win.Because it’s the only thing that will help you win the game, you must be careful about the angles at which you flip your striker.

aim carrom pool apk

The victorious team must first collect all of its coins before collecting the Queen coin, denoted by the red coin.With the aid of the URL provided below, you may download the game and take advantage of its many advantages, including its incredible visuals and sound quality, fluid quality control play, the ability to connect with other arcade fans across the world, and the offline option.

Informational support:

Application Aim carrom Pool Apk
Publishing authority Gaming zone
Version of the game 2.6.6
Storage space 18.1 MB


Overview of Aim Carrom Apk:

aim carrom pool apk

1-The Carrom board is displayed on the screen of the Aim Carrom Apk game.

2-One red coin, twelve other coins, and a striker are included.

3-Two pockets contain the carrom board in the goal carrom Apk.

4-The two players must choose their color of coins before starting to pocket them with the striker’s assistance.

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5-You can also play Aim Carrom in offline mode. You may text your online buddies in a different chat room.

6-In addition to these features, the game Aim Carrom Pool Apk has

Features of the game:

  1. Astonishing Sound play

The fantastic sound play is included in the Aim Carrom Pool Apk game. You can now play for even longer stretches thanks to this. The objective carrom Apk game’s daring attitude is perfectly complemented by the background music in this.

   2 .Lovely screen

Aim Carrom’s Apk screen does a fantastic job of displaying player scores, turns, and leftover spins. this game is a great and amazing journey for its players because of its stunning screen and outstanding smooth control play.

   3. Internet conversation

aim carrom pool apk

The online chat room that is included with the aim carrom apk game is its greatest may play the game and communicate with other players using this function.

The carrom aim Apk’s feature with this feature has to be the coolest feature. with the help of this tool, you may keep playing the game without worrying about discussing strategies with your companion.

   4. Different gameplay

The one-handed control mechanism is the finest aspect of the game’s original gameplay.this game can virtually be played with just one hand!

You can always play by utilizing the one-handed control, whether you’re moving while standing or need to perform certain tasks with the other hand.

   5. Superior graphics

With its stunning 3D visuals and engaging storyline,Aim Carrom Pool Apk makes it possible to play for several hours without getting bored.

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    6. Offline function

Aim carrom pool Apk

It’s simple to play this game offline. Yes, you heard correctly. The Apk game Aim Carrom is performed without access to the internet. You effectively play this game with a computer in offline mode.

Reviews from users

1- A pleasant and enjoyable game was quite difficult to find. I enjoy playing online games with my pals for entertainment, but there haven’t been as many games recently for us to play together. I now have a game that I can play with all of my friends thanks to the discovery of aim carrom Apk.

2- I was interested in learning more about the game of carom, but it was difficult for me to locate the ideal resource in this day and age with so many online carrom games available. Then I discovered Aim Carrom Apk, and my life was forever transformed! If you want to beat boredom, this game is ideal.

What is new?

  • Technology specific to AI
  • Friends-only chat room
  • 3D images
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Control with one hand

How can I get Aim Carrom for Android?

Aim Carrom Pool Apk

  1. On your Android smartphone, hit the game’s download link provided below.
  2. If downloading is having trouble, you may always go to the settings and accept modifications from unidentified resources.
  3. Launch the game and begin playing when the download is complete.

How can I download the Aim Carrom Apk to my PC?

  1. Blue Stacks must first be downloaded in order to use the aim carrom Apk on your PC.
  2. After that, you may begin downloading the game from our website.
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  1. What version of the Aim Carrom Apk should I download, and how much storage space should my phone have to accommodate it?

The version of the lonely survivor game we are now using is 2.6.7, which is also the most recent. In addition, the goal carrom Apk requires at least 18.1 MB of free storage space on your phone.

  1. Is it okay for my individual to download this game on their device?

Yes, downloading this game to your own device is entirely secure. No chance of contracting a virus exists. Download it on your devices at your leisure.

  1. Can I download it on both my iOS and Android devices, or only on Android devices?

It is possible to download this game quickly on an iOS device.

For this reason, please refer to our installation manual.


You will have a tone of fun and excitement in your life after downloading the hacked version of the aim carrom Apk game. With your pals or even in offline mode, you may play this game for hours.

What are you waiting for then? To take use of this game’s incredible features and play as much as you like, download the aim carrom Apk right away.

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