Aim Carrom Pool Mod Apk Version 2.7.4 Premium Mod Access (Premium Unlocked) One Click Download

Aim carrom pool mod apk is the modified version of the original aim carrom apk tool designed to help you better play carrom pool. Downloading this modded version brings with it a guarantee to ensure your unlimited access and that too premiumly.

Introduction of Aim Carrom Pool Mod Apk Version 2.7.4

Carrom pool is the original first ever online carrom game launched by the makers of carrom games up till date. Its popularity spread fast globally and within no time it gathered members and players from al entire the globe.

However, for better precision and angle taking skills of players, other tools were required too. And that Is when aim carrom apk game which is essentially a tool that helps you play carrom better came into being.

This concise and precise write up summaries the entire discussion about the basic plot of the aim carrom mod apk tool, its amazing features some of which include the mod of the unlimited coins that comes with it, it’s no advertising feature and the sift and easy smooth game play. Each of these mod features are provided with their separate discussions down below.

As always, a free of cost how to installation guide is just at the end of this write up. Our team has carefully collected a hand full of some of the most frequently asked questions to help you navigate through it and last but not the least some of the amazing reviews from our current players of this game will make sure that you download this amazing game today.

aim carrom pool apk

Additional Information:

Aim Carrom Pool

   Download 2.7.4

Aim Carrom pool mod apk basic overview:

  • Aim carrom pool apk was basically initially developed as a tool to help players of carrom practice their carrom skills better.
  • It has the latest version of 2.6.7 and requires a very minimal storage space only of 20 MBs.
  • It was developed by the publishing authority Aim carrom and its immense popularity has made it the top trending game of the week.
  • The game starts with two players choosing their side of the team and balls.
  • There are 11 balls and a queen ball.
  • The player who manages to pocket the most balls first along with the queen is able to succeed first and be termed as the winner of the game.
  • Its an interesting sort of game play and brings families and friends together.
  • Often there are entire club rooms dedicated to the gam play of carrom pool and it makes the things even more interesting.
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Special and fantastic MOD Features:

1- Advertisement Free

As well know and agree that advertisements in between playing game can be quite of a hassle and a source of distress. They literally disrupt the tempo exactly when it is needed the most.

aim carrom pool mod apk

Most users who play games that are entirely free of cost constantly struggle with the problem of advertisements showing up after every 5 minutes or so. The modified version of aim carrom apk solves this problem for you and provides you a hassle-free experience of playing the game in continuity and that too without any extra cost.

2- Easy access of game play controls

Since this game involved a lot of intricate angles and shots, it was import at that the controls of the game had very smooth play like quality. And the aim carrom mod apk fulfilled this quality providing using an experience of playing carrom online like never before. The intricate angles and calculating the precise shots become instantly easier with the smooth quality of controls of the game.

3- Stunning three-dimensional graphics

Three-dimensional graphics of this game literally outed everyone’s expectations. The game comes with the bright colors and accurate depictions of all the equipments required for the performance of aim carrom pool mod apk. Players often report to have gotten the feeling as if they played the game in real life. The graphics have been designed in such a way as to spark the real-life simulation feeling.

4- Minimalistic acoustic system

Most of our users experience the annoying noise and acoustic systems in game that are not only totally unnecessary but intervene and interrupt the users gaming experience. Aim carrom mod apk has provided the solution for this very effectively by reducing the noise play like quality of the game and introducing for the first time ever very minimalistic acoustic features that help the player instead of interrupting the game.

aim carrom pool mod apk download

5- Real life simulation graphic quality

For online carrom to be as realistic as possible, the makers of aim carrom mod apk have tried their best to keep the quality of the game very real life like by using real life simulation techniques.

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The game offers an experience that is superficiality virtual but gives the feeling of playing real life carrom.

6- Angle precision skills practice

For a carrom player to succeed, there is one thing that is required the most out of all the things and that is accurate intricate angle precision of the striker for it is the able of the striker that determines if the shot would be able to pocket the balls or not. Aim carrom mod apk game makes sure that the players are able to practice a variety of angle shots to help them build their skills over time.

7- Multiplayer mode to play with friends

A feature that is loved both by players and their friends equally of this tool for carrom is that it has a multilayer mode. This means that you can play with your friends online instead of in person and can save up on time and energy. This multi-player feature of the game also allows you to get reconnected with your long-lost friends and build long lost friendships again.

The game is also very suitable to play with your family members and help brings friends and family closer.

You can even follow your friends to see their progress as is possible with many online games. This truly shows that the aim carrom tool is all in one sort of game.

aim carrom pool 2.6.6 mod apk

8- Automatic Length adjustment

In addition to helping the players improve their skills of angle precision and intricate shots, a really cool feature of the aim carrom tool is that helps with the automatic Length adjustment of the striker stick which means that you need not to worry about adjusting the length of the striker stick manually as you do while playing real life carrom in this game the AI technology does it for you.

9- Buy power ups:

Basically, there are power packages in this games stores that you can use to enhance your shots for example AI shots that the computer intelligence does for you.

Now normally what happens is that these power ups are up for buying in the games store and you need to have gems worth of money to buy them and boost your game but with the modded version comes the Unlimited gems and access to the store so you can all the power ups you need to level up your game free of cost.

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10- Privacy ensured:

The privacy and safety of our customers is our topmost priority. We at our website guarantee 100 percent satisfaction of our downloadable products which means that you can download all of our products safely

Installation guide for aim carrom pool mod apk game:

How to install the game on android devices?

1- Switch on your android device.

2- Allow all sources in the settings configuration section.

3- Go to this write up and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

4- Hit the download button.

How to install the game on iOS devices?

1- Switch in your iOS device.

2- Download an emulator preferably Blue stacks.

3- Search up this write up and scroll to bottom of the page.

4- Hit the download button.

aim carrom pool apk free

How to install the game on Personal computer PC devices?

1- Switch in your Personal Computer device.

2- Download an emulator preferably blue stacks.

3- Search up this write up and scroll to bottom of the page.

4- Hit the download button.

Frequently asked Questions:

1- Do I need to pay to download the AIM carrom pool mod apk game?

Absolutely not. Downloading the AIM carrom mod apk tool for carrom pool is entirely free of cost. So download it today from the link provided in this write up.

2- Do I need a lot of storage space for this to work out?

This amazing tool for aim carrom mod apk comes with a very little storage space of only 20 MBs and that means you do not need to free up a lot of storage space from your device for downloading this game.


Downloading this amazing aim carrom pool tool for carrom pool not only improves your existing game but also helps your bring family and friends close together.

Therefore, download this fantastic all in one carrom tool today and be on your path to become an amazing carrom player.

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