CAROM TIPS AND TRICKS – A complete guide to winning all your carrom matches!

Learning the tips and tricks of playing carrom that we have gathered from a deep dive into of research will let you beat your friends in no time.Some Useful Carrom Tricks That You Should Know · Always pocket the easy game pieces first.


Do you always wonder if there was a cheat sheet to win your carrom matches? Are you tired of losing carrom matches and want to end this losing streak once for and all? Did you ever wish there was a coach who taught you the basics of playing carrom? However, your current resources don’t allow you to hire a carrom coach?

Then you are at the right place!


In this article we have compiled the best carom tips and tricks to playing carrom, secrets of the world’s best and legendary carrom players so that you can master this game on your own too. We have precisely introduced and explained the Carrom game and its origin before diving into the pool of tips and tricks. After going through this article, you will not only be able o defeat your competitors but will also be able to teach these techniques learnt from our article to your friends

So, fasten your seatbelts because we are going to get deep into carrom today!

Following is a list of the contents of this article;

1. What Is Carrom?

Carrom is actually a board game that is played by 4 players. The board on which it is played is called a carrom board. In this game one basically has to pocket not only all the coins but also the queen coin with the help of flicking the striker. Whoever manages to do this task first wins the game. Although it was invented and first played in the South Asian regions, today It is being played in various regions of the world. Its use till today is a standing testimonial of the fact that people have loved playing carrom throughout the generations. It is played by the young and old alike.

 2. What Is the Origin of Carrom?

Carrom board game originally was invented in India in the 18th century. After the end of World War I, its popularity began to spread around the world and it is being played in various parts of the world since then. One of the original carrom boards version, a carom board with a glass top is still placed in an old Indian Patiala Palace where people from around the world come to see it.

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It is commonly played in big Indian cafes and restaurants thought its use now has spreader to other parts of the world too. In some big casinos and bars, people even bet on carrom matches.

3. Carom Tips and Tricks

We have compiled some of the world’s best tips and tricks for playing carrom. You need to be focused enough since it is a tough game to win but by following these tips you will be able to improve your game in no time. Following are some of the worlds best tips and tricks that have been compiled after doing very thorough research:

a. The Correct Intent When Playing Carrom

The accurate kind of attitude and intent is very important for playing not only carrom but any other game. The more desperate you are to win the game, the further is the chance for you to actually win it.

Now this concept of being free and doing everything with a light hearted intent can be traced back either to the spiritualism of Rumi or to science that actually says that taking less pressure and playing the game just for the sake of the game are important factors in determining one’s success.

b. Cleaning the Carrom Board

Cleaning the carrom board is something that we should all know by general rule of thumb but in reality, it is something that most of us forget. Always a keep a cloth piece handy to clean the carrom board. Make sure you don’t clean it too often and waste the carrom powder. If you are a daily carrom player, then cleaning once in a while, weekly probably is okay.

c. Placing Your Hand on the Board

  • Learning how to place your hand on the carrom and using your finger to hit the striker are the most important learnings aspects of this game.
  • You need to place your hand with your palm spread.
  • To hit/flick the striker, use your whole finger and not just the tip. This will ensure that you don’t hurt your fingers.
  • It might take a few days for your fingers to get adjusted if you are on the beginning level.
  • You can even modify the rules a bit if you are a beginner to help you get started.

d. Using Powder

You need to use powder in order for the striker to hit your coins perfectly and for a smooth play. There is a special carrom powder for this purpose called the boric carrom board powder.


Many people start using talcum powder in exchange for the boric carrom powder which in turn hurts the durance of carrom board and the quality of the game.this always keep carrom powder which is also called boric powder handy when playing carrom in person.

e. Pocketing Your Coins

The basic rule of this game is to pocket your coins.

But along with that you need to remember that every time you flick the striker you need to do it in such a way that it pockets your coins and places your opponent’s coins in a hard place so that when it’s your opponent’s turn to pocket their coins, they have a harder time doing it.

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Try to pocket max number of coins at each of your turns.

Try to pocket the easy coins first as it not only reduces the pressure off you but puts your opponents in a hard place drenched in sweat because of the pressure.

f. Shooting Styles

Practice different shooting styles out there in order to make a personalized one for yourself. there are many different shooting styles out there. Some of the best ones are mentioned below and they include

  • Striking using the middle finger and the thumb,
  • Striking using the upright long finger,
  • Striking using just the index finger,
  • Striking using the index finger with the thumb
  • Striking using the middle finger only, and the thumb shot striking style.

This can only come if you actually put in the 100 percent effort, observe and follow some legendary YouTube channels. Practice actually makes these striking techniques perfect. you can then mix and match these striking styles according to your preference.

g. The Right Speed

Striking using the right speed is very important in playing carrom as obvious.

Even a minute miscalculation of the speed with which to flick the striker can result in missing the shot and losing your turn. This you need to be very good at mental calculations when hitting the striker. if the coins are too close, hit them with a lower speed. This increased the chances of your coins getting pocketed.


If the coins are far away, hit the flicker with a greater force, hence a greater speed. This way even the coins far away will get into the pocket.Using the accurate speed is the basis of playing carrom.

h. The Right Direction

Like hitting the flicker at a right speed form one of the most important bases of playing carrom, the importance of the right direction while flickering the striker cannot be ignored.

i. Practice

Carrom is actually a tough game to play. You can always come and visit this article to refresh your brain and remember all these tips and tricks but the real path to becoming a successful carrom player lies in practice. The saying “Practice makes a man perfect” just didn’t come out of nowhere but actually holds some truth and meaning to it.

j. The Back Sling Shot in Carrom

Now suppose your coins are right at the border of the board. According to carrom rule book, you cannot hit the striker backwards.

What you can always do is, hit the striker with such a force that the striker hits the front edge of the carrom and then gets pushed back to hit the actual coin.

This shot is called the back sling shot. Its one of the most important tips of playing carrom since only a few people are able to master this shot.

k. The Board Shot in Carrom

One of the highly progressives shots is called the board shot. This shot involves the flicking of the striker in such a way that the striker hits multiple edges of the board and at the same point multiple coins get pocketed.

This board shot is an advance level shot but with practice and dedication anything’s possible in this exciting game of carrom. One must practice a lot in order to master this trick.

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l. The Middle Shot in Carrom

The middle shot is a shot that’s played at the beginning of the carrom game. It is played when at least coins are lying next to each other in the middle of the carrom board.


The player needs to flick the striker in such a way that it hits both the adjacent lying coins and both of the coins get pocketed.This is the shot that builds pressure on the opponent player and helps you take over the lead in playing and winning the game.

m. Pocketing the Queen and the Big Mistake Players Make

Pocketing the queen is the last main and final step of winning the carrom game. However, the player needs to be mindful that the Queen should not be pocketed before all of the coins of the player are pocketed.

In case, some of the coins of the player are left to pocketed and the player pockets the queen, this will be considered a foul and the player will lose his turn. This is one of the major mistakes that leads to losing of the game.

n. Know Your Angles

Angles are the second most important thing in playing carrom after the use of accurate speed and direction. Carrom is a fascinating game. One flicker of the striker in the right angle and your chances of winning the game can skyrocket.

o. Pros of Playing Carrom

Playing carrom is not only good to pass time and make friends but actually has some very interesting health benefits too. It helps enhance our reflexes, not only that but it also helps with the analytical thinking and the thought process of the player. It helps the players learn better focus and sharpen their mind. Overall, research has shown and proven many of these health benefits of playing carromIf played with passion and valour, can also provide a life goal or mission to people.

p. Enjoying the Game

Last but not the least, the main goal is to actually enjoy the game without the pressure of winning or losing it. Research shows that players who play carrom with the intent and goal of enjoying the game are much more likely to win than players who play carrom with the intense pressure of winning the game.

Carom Tips and Tricks

Hence it is thereby advised, that if you actually want to win at carrom you need to take off the pressure of winning the game and let yourself enjoy the pureness of this thrilling game of carrom. This is one of those tips that players never listen to. However it is highly advisable that you adopt this way of playing carrom.

4. Conclusion

Carrom itself is a game that has ancient history and is the kind of game that will stay alive for years to come. It dates back to as far as 18th century. After the World War II ended, this game became widespread.

It’s thrilling and entertaining nature is what makes it special.Although to be the best in playing carrom, and to master these tips and tricks one requires intense effort and practice, carrom is something that is considered to be worth trying.

It is a 100 percent guarantee on trying and actually utilizing these tips and tricks. Hope all your queries are covered in our article. In case you have any more queries, suggestions or reviews, feel free to leave them in the comments section down below and we will be more than happy to answer them for you. Keep visiting our website to get more tips and tricks on playing carrom.

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