Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk Happymod Aim Hack 6.2.0 Version

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Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk Aim Hack
arrom Disc Pool Mod Apk Aim Hack

Additional information:

MOD Unlimited gems and coins

Download 6.2.0  

Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk Happymod Aim Hack Basic Overview:

Carrom disc pool Mod Apk happymod as we all know is a board game. It’s one of the more popular games when it comes to the wide range of games under the umbrella term carrom.

It is a multi-player game which means one more reason to hit up your old buddies. A striker is involved in the game to flicker the pucks. Each players picks the strike one after one and tries to picket the Puck into the opponent’s corner side of the board. The player who succeeds into pocketing the most pucks first is termed as the winner of the game.

Carrom Pool Disc Mod apk

It’s not a simple game owing to the fact that it involved a lot of strategy and precise angled shots but with our modded version of this game things do become a little easier for people who are just starting out on learning how to play carrom. In addition to this, a number of amazing features accompany this modded version which we are going to discuss in detail now.

Introduction of Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk Happymod:

Carrom Pool disc Mod apk happymod is one of the most trending board games of today’s world. Although the origin of this amazing game lies in the heart of India and other South Asian countries, it is the popularity of this game that took it to the heights of global fame, and it is now played in almost every country of the game.

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This write up will be all about the basic plot of this amazing carrom pool game and talking about the fantastic modified version of it which brings along with many interesting features such as Unlimited gems and coins so that you no longer have to wait to pass the actual levels of the game to secure gems and then buy equipments of your choice from the shops rather you can just buy any equipment you like at any time and that too without having to expend a penny from your own pocket.

carrom disc pool cheat codes

Many more amazing modded features will be discussed further down the road in addition to the convincing reviews that we listed from our players who have already played the game and were kind enough to leave a review. An installation guide has also been added to this write up in order to make things easier for our regular readers.

Amazing MOD Features:

1- Offline Mode Available:

Many games only come with an online version and that becomes a big hassle fir when you are on the go or without an Internet connection. It’s not all the time that one has an Internet connection plus there should be games that can be played without having an active Internet connection.

This game very efficiently solves the problem of always having active Internet connection and let’s its players play the grand on the go without an Internet connection with the computer.

carrom disc pool mod apk latest version

2- Play Without Any Advertisements:

Advertisements have always been a way of obstruction for players when playing games especially the ones that are free of cost. A simple and effective solution to this problem has been brought forward by our version of the carrom pool which means that you can now play the game for longer periods of time without having to worry about your tempo being broken down by annoying advertisements.

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3- New Features Every Day:

New features such as new gems and coins, and Frenzy chests will pop up every day which will help you buy new euipemnts and upgrade them too.

4- Victory chests:

Victory chests are basically collections of

Gems and coins in a bunch. They help you reach to the top by upgrading and customizing your equipments.

5- United Coins and Gems MOD:

Don’t spend another minute waiting to pass a certain level of games or sets to secure those coins and gems. Our version of the original game brings to you unlimited gems and coins for you to use.

how to get unlimited money in carrom disc pool

6- Real life simulations:

The game while you are at it will never even feel like its online. The secret lies in the amazing three dimensional graphics of it which brings real life like simulation to you.

7- Bonding with friends and family

You can now play the game with your friends and family in free time to have an even stronger bonding with them. Instead of most of the game this game as multiplayer mode thus allowing you to play with your friends and family.

Users Reviews:

1- As you know that playing with the same striker in a carrom match is no fun, one gets bored very easily. I needed more gems and coins to upgrade my striker form but didn’t have enough money to actually buy more gems. I saw about the modded apps on a website a while ago and instantly decided to download one. What an incredible experience it has been.

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how to get free coins in carrom disc pool

2- I have known modded applications for a while now and when it comes to carrom I always prefer modded applications over the original ones. They not only come with unlimited gems and coins but also with other amazing features that make them truly the best.


With all these amazing mod features of our version of this Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk Happymod there should not be any delay from your side in downloading this fantastic modded version today.

After you have downloaded and used the game, please leave your reviews in our comments section box so we can share them with our users.

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