Download Carrom King Mod Apk Version 4.2.0 Premium Access Mod

Carrom King Mod Apk is a very fabulous game which provides users with amazing features and made with a realistic carrom board based on rules. No more need powder, cheat, and not tricks allowed in the game.


Carrom king mod apk is linguistically the modified or more commonly known as the modded version of the original carrom king game.

It was essentially created by the same publishing authority that launched the world of ludo star game in the days of the quarantine era. It was launched by the renown publishing authority known worldwide as Gametion technologies pvt limited. Its latest update came as of 20th of the 7th month that is to day 20 July, 2022 of this year.

It is essentially a board game available to be downloaded easily from Google play store and has the size of 52 MB. The latest requirement needed for its android version is android 5.1.

A modified version of the game means that the official software or programme of the game has been modified in a certain way or that the software has been reprogrammed. And the mod of the game stands for the feature of the game that is now free in the modified version and was not so in the original version of the game.

carrom king mod apk 2022

This write up discusses the basic and the most amazing features of the carrom king mod apk game. As always, we have also included an installation guide that is useful for our readers who have trouble downloading the modded version of the games. Our section of the most frequently asked questions will save you time and energy in case you have queries but at the same time our comments section box provides you with the option of pouring in your queries, reviews and suggestions.

Additional Information:


Carrom King Mod Apk Overview:

Carrom king apk game is one of the most trending board games of this month. With every other player trying to find a way to buy gems free of cost in this game, our team came forward with a modified or modded version of this board game whereby a set of 4 players takes one of the each corners of the board and start their turns by hutting the striker to the pucks. The player to striker the most pucks first is the winner of this game.

Mod Features:

carrom king mod apk happymod

1- Interesting Lobby Layout

The lobby layout was not very interesting when the game was first launched however according to its latest update, it has made quote a handful of changes one of which is the amazing and interesting lobby layout.

As in the ludo start game which is launched by the same publishing authority even in this game you get to close the theme of your lobby.

2- MOD

The best and the most amazing feature of this game is the unlimited mod of the money and gems that comes with the modified version of game. So, what happens is that in the original version of this game, one can upgrade the equipments such as the striker and the board and lobby styles by using money or gems. Which are earned only after performing well om specific hard levels. But in a modified version of this game, there is an option of free or unlimited money or gems!

3- Happy Mood To Be Played Online With Friends

This version of the carrom kind apk game is perfect to be played online with friends. A maximum of 4 friends can play on the board at a time. The process is also very basic and easy to begin with. First of all, one of the main players or friends has to go to the option of creating a room and crate the room in the lobby and note down the code. Next the player has to share the room code with the rest of 3 players so that they can join the game board room and the game can start to begin.

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carrom king mod apk revdl

4- A Number of Pucks Designs to Choose From

Pucks are the figures that the player has to pocket the most in order to win 5he game. Now most of the carrom board games have very basic and simplistic one colour pucks to play with but with the advent of the carrom king apk game, now you can chose to buy any design pucks from the game store.

The pucks in this game are of variety of colour and designs so that you don’t get bored during the match.

You can buy the pucks totally free of cost since the modded version provides you the access to the option of the free an unlimited money.

Installation Guide:

For Android Devices :

  •  Go to our website and scroll down the bottom of this article to find the one click free download link.
  • Next tap on it and you will see that the downloading has begun
  • once the game has downloaded, install and run it smoothly.

Users Reviews:

  1. I had been playing carrom king for quite some time now but wanted to upgrade my equipments especially the Sticker design. I obviously wanted some free of cost way to do so since I did not want to invest my own personal money in a game. I was watching some YouTube video when the ad played for the modded version of carrom king and i got all excited. Downloaded the mod version the same day and started playing it. I have never looked back since then.

carrom king mod apk 2021

  1.  I discovered this website which provided modded version of the most famous and trending games quote some time ago. I just wanted to share my experience with new users who are speculating whether to download this game or not. My experience with all the modded applications that I have downloaded from this website has been amazing and I would recommend the download links a 100 percent to anyone in a dilemma.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1- What if my data gets leaked by downloading the modded version of the original game? Is it safe to download?

We provide a hundred percent guarantee on the safety of all our download links. The privacy of our users is of utmost priority to us and we take this very seriously.

Feel free to download our link and check it for yourself.

2- Can this version of game be played offline too?

The tutorial mode can always be played offline without an internet connection. A modded application does not have the rest of its programmed reset or changed but only the specific mod is made free of cost that was not before.

Carrom King Mod Apk 2020

3- Can I download carrom king mod apk game on my PC computer device without any trouble?

To download the carrom king mod apk game on your PC computer device, please refer to our installation guide section. In short, you would have to download an emulator onto your PC device before downloading this game. Once the emulator has been downloaded the rest of the steps are quite easy and similar to follow.


Relive your worries and bathe in the rush of adrenaline by beating your competitions at the carrom king apk game by downloading the modded version of it from our website. A one click free download link is available at the bottom of this article.

Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or reviews in the comments section down below.

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